Bitcoin Plinko

Bitcoin Plinko is a fun and exciting game that is available at most bitcoin gambling sites. The game is considered to be an online slots game where each round is a spin and at many casinos you can get free spins to play the game.



The simple game gained popularity with the U.S. game show the Price is Right and now you can play it online at plinko casinos, which accept cryptocurrencies. One of the nice things about playing this exciting game at bitcoin casinos is that you can be sure that it is provably fair and for that matter all at the site will offer provably fair games.



Not only is the game simple and fun but can be lucrative is you play plinko and Lady Luck is on your side. With many gambling sites that offer the game you can be sure to find it in the stakes you want to play in. Keep in mind that you should stay within your bankroll, as Bitcoin Plinko is a fast game that has many betting rounds where you can win or lose a lot of money in a short time.




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What is Bitcoin Plinko?

Bitcoin Plinko is a drop game where a ball drops and bounces around on pegs, similar to an old pinball machine, and lands at a certain spot at the bottom where you will win that multiplier. The game was invented in 1983 and has gained in popularity the world over and now there is no lack of plinko games you can find online. You can play Bitcoin Plinko at many legit and licensed online gambling sites that accept crypto as a form of deposits and withdrawals.



When you play plinko you have a lot of choices from the stakes of the game to play as well as how much you want to wager. Because of that playing Bitcoin Plinko is a great game for low stakes players and high rollers alike. Plinko casinos have different variations of the game when it comes to how much you can win. Like any other casino game there is lot of luck involved playing Bitcoin Plinko but unlike other games there is not much skill involved. Because of that there are not many betting strategies when playing plinko but there are some solid betting strategies that we will touch on later.



There is only around a 1% house edge (99% RTP) for Bitcoin Plinko and that is pretty low, which is good for you, as the lower the house edge the more money you stand to make. The provably fair game is fast and furious and the action is non-stop. Gambling sites that offer Bitcoin Plinko will also offer players other things, which is why it is advantageous to play plinko games at those casinos. You can pad your bankroll with a deposit bonus and even get more rewards through a VIP program and those are just a couple of things that good plinko casinos that have provably fair games offer.

Where Can I Play Bitcoin Plinko?

Bitcoin gambling has exploded in the last few years and that is why it is not hard to find the game at solid and reputable bitcoin gambling websites. Many new BTC focused casinos such as and offer the fun game in a wide variety of stakes. There are also a lot of sites that have a mobile version of their casino and because of this you can play Bitcoin Plinko from your desktop or laptop and on the go through a mobile phone or tablet.



There are some plinko games that you can even play for free and that is good for people trying out new betting strategies, beginning players, and those that simply want to play for fun. You should keep in mind that when trying out new Bitcoin Plinko betting strategies that you should play for free before playing for real money.



If you do not have a crypto or bitcoin wallet to play Bitcoin Plinko you should choose a casino that has a fiat currency converter. There are a lot of these types of plinko casinos that offer provably fair plinko games where you can covert fiat currency into crypto and then you are ready to play your favorite plinko game. Every pinko game will allow you to win money and check the gambling sites that offer plinko games in a wide variety of stakes. This way when you play plinko you can be comfortable with how much you wager and your bankroll will last for a longer time.



When it comes to choosing gambling sites that offer a plinko game there are other things to look for such as a license from a recognized gaming body, solid bonus and promotions, such as a first deposit bonus or free spins, a good customer service department, and a nice variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Rules for Bitcoin Plinko

The rules for Bitcoin Plinko are simple. There is a pyramid shaped virtual board that has a field of pegs within it. Some sites offer plinko games that have a setup that is not a pyramid, but that is, by far, the most common setup of the provably fair game. At the bottom of the pyramid for the plinko game are the payouts, which usually range from .05x to 250x, but that can differ depending on where you play plinko.



You choose the color of ball to use in the plinko game and then you drop it at the top of the pyramid.  The ball will drop down the pyramid hitting the pegs and moving in different directions. Then at the end it will drop into one of the slots at the bottom with the payouts and you are then paid out depending on how much you wagered for that turn or spin. You need to keep in mind for plinko games that the slots that are located at the edge of the pyramid will have higher payouts but decreased chances of winning and vice versa. Therefore, when you play the plinko game you want the ball to land at the outside slots to get the best payout possible.



You start each spin by making your wager and then you click play to get the ball going. You can choose to click play for each round and most gambling sites where you can play plinko games will have an autoplay feature, where you set the bet amount per spin and it will continue to drop at the bet you choose. You can stop the autoplay feature at any time to stop the spins or if you want to choose a different bet amount.

Bitcoin Plinko Strategy

Considering when playing Bitcoin Plinko there is no way to alter where the ball will drop it means there is no strategy on how to alter house edge of the provably fair game. Therefore, there is no true strategy for plinko games but there are betting staretgies that you can use to increase your chance to win.


The two most common betting strategies (systems) for Bitcoin Plinko are:


  • Positive progressive betting systems – This is where you will increase your wager after a winning spin and decrease it after a losing one.
  • Negative progressive betting systems – This is where you will increase your wager after a losing spin and decrease it after a winning one.


Some of the more popular betting strategies for Bitcoin Plinko are the Martingale, anti- Martingale, Oscar’s Grind, Paroli, and Labouchere. These types of betting strategies are more catered to bets that are even and Bitcoin Plinko does not have that with different multipliers for wins but you can still use them.


One of the more common gambling betting strategies when playing plinko bitcoin is to not chase losses. This goes against negative progressive betting systems, which are seen to be riskier. Chasing losses is also referred to as hedging bets. In Bitcoin Plinko this would be betting more after a losing or having a low payout below your original stake. While the theory for hedging bets is that you will more when you win it is risker, as you can lose a significant amount of money if you hit a losing streak. It can be a better idea to chip away at losses when playing Bitcoin Plinko rather than trying to get your losses back with one spin.

How to Choose a Good Casino for Bitcoin Plinko

With so many gambling sites that have the provably fair Bitcoin Plinko game it can sometimes be difficult to pick the best one. The best one is the one that offers the Bitcoin Plinko game you want to play and at the stakes you want to play in. It was mentioned before but it is advantageous to do a little research to see if the casino has good bonus and promotion offers, a good customer service department, and various crypto payment methods that you can use to make deposits and withdrawals.



The main thing you need to look for in a Bitcoin Plinko casino is if it carries a license from a legitimate gaming body. If it has that it is a legit gambling site and being a blockchain crypto casino you can be sure that all of the games are provably fair.



It is also key that you look for a sites that offer plinko bitcoin and good bonuses. Nearly all plinko gambling sites will offer bonuses, as there are so many of them that they are all vying for new players as well as trying to keep existing ones happy. The most common bonuses at Bitcoin Plinko casinos are welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins, free and spins no deposit. In terms of free spins no deposit you can receive free spins without having to make a real money deposit. This is good for trying out a new site that offers Plinko Bitcoin and you can keep money won with the free spins after you fulfill the wagering requirement.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is the most common bonus offered at Bitcoin Plinko gaming sites. This is a type of match bonus where the site will offer you a certain percentage, often 100% of your first deposit, up to a certain amount. So, for example if you see a welcome bonus of 100% up to 0.01 BTC and you deposit 0.01 BTC you will receive a bonus of 0.01 BTC and start with 0.02 BTC in your account. Oftentimes with a welcome bonus for Plinko Bitcoin you will not only receive a match bonus but also free spins as well.



You need to be aware that for a welcome bonus, or any bound when playing plinko for that matter, that there will be wagering requirements for it. The wagering requirement is the amount that you have to bet at the plinko casino before you can withdraw the money from your casino account. The more lucrative the bonus the higher the wagering requirement will be. Before you opt into a Bitcoin Plinko bonus make sure you read the terms and conditions for it, so you know what you have to do to reach the wagering requirement to keep the bonus money.

Deposit Methods

At online casinos that accept crypto Bitcoin is the most popular deposit option but there are others as well. If you use any other crypto make sure the casino accepts it for both deposits and withdrawals. One of the main advantages of making deposits at sites where you can play Bitcoin Plinko is that deposit times are almost always instant. Therefore, you make a deposit and you can play right away. Also, in terms of deposits, there are usually no fees for doing so.



In terms of withdrawals at casinos where you can play Bitcoin Plinko the processing times are also very fast and many times can be instant. Sometimes there will be no fees when making a withdrawal but sometimes there will be but it is usually a small one. When you are checking out gaming sites to play plinko make sure to check out what the withdrawal fees are.



It is also a good idea to check out the conversion fees if you choose to play at a Bitcoin Plinko site that has the conversion option. You will be charged a fee to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency and you want to chosoe the casino that has the lowest fees possible. This is especially the case if you want to gamble with a significant amount of money when playing Bitcoin Plinko.

Safe and Secure Site

No matter what casino game you play you want to play at a site that is safe and secure. That is why it is great to play Bitcoin Plinko, as the blockchain casinos that are licensed are 100% safe and secure and offer provably fair games. Oftentimes at casinos that offer plinko games there will be a provably fair link where you can read up on how the games are just that.



Also, when playing the plinko game at gaming websites there is more safety and security at them rather than at typical online casinos, as you will not have share financial information, such as a credit card number. The less information you share with gambling sites the less likely it is that your info will be hacked. You can almost always be sure you are playing provably fair games at a gaming site that offers Bitcoin Plinko. To go even further most online gaming sites that offer plinko games will have a privacy policy link, which shows you security measures taken by the website.



It is never a bad idea to do a little research and read casino reviews and if they have had issues with safety and security.


Can I play plinko in other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. You can play the game in other cryptos but Bitcoin Plinko is the most common version since BTC is the most popular crypto.

Do Bitcoin Plinko sites offer a VIP program?

Most sites where you can play Bitcoin Plinko will offer a VIP program.

What is the highest multiplier for Bitcoin Plinko?

That will depend on the site and while the most common highest multiplier is 250x some sites have them as high as 650x.

What is the best deposit bonus at a site that has Bitcoin Plinko?

The best deposit bonus is the one that gives you the most money or most free spins that is attainable with an easier to reach wagering requirement.

September 1, 2021 By John Duncan Stephenson